Break Free from the Trident – 1

The trident represents fantasy.

Trident is the Neptune symbol.

Neptune = fantasy, escapism, addiction. Escaping the hard truths of reality through some sort of sensory experience.

However, it does not have to be simply escaping just the hard truths of reality. It can also be escaping reality in general, or transcending it.

The trident is not being used for that higher purpose in most cases, however. We do not transcend through sustainable means, we do not transcend through means that advance our consciousness as an individual and as a collective.

Instead of transcending via productive means, such as meditation and prayer (this is not limited to meditation and prayer, there are many other healthy means of transcendence), we use hypnotic electronic devices. You know the deal. You’ve heard the tune. Everyone agrees that, on a daily basis, we hypnotize ourselves with social media, television, etc.

But why the fuck isn’t anyone doing anything about it?

We are all on autopilot. It is fucking scary. No one has any light in their eyes anymore.

No one is in touch with their heart anymore.

The heart is a vessel for higher consciousness. And that is why we live in a “low vibration” society.

There are too little things that engage our heart.

Anyway, I am getting ahead of myself. The reason why I am writing this is to mark my intention to break free from the trident.

An old friend of mine reached out a few days ago after about a year of silence.She’s not just a gifted channeler, that doesn’t quite explain it. The channel is absolutely wide open. It’s not a gift, it simply just is. She is a wide-open channel.

Anyway, she channeled a Viking man with a braided beard. The image she received matches images of Odin. Long story made short, she channeled Odin for me.

We were blessed to receive many messages of wisdom that were pertinent to my path.

As the session was ending, however, he left us with an urgent warning:

“Break free from the trident!”

Immediately riddled with the mystery of that statement, I knew it would take at least a week to process and digest this statement, in order to come up with several possible meanings until I reached the highest possible truth therein.

So, I analyzed it for several days.

At first, my brain twisted and turned to come to the conclusion that it represented the separation of masculine and feminine.

The Caduceus, the healing staff of Thrice-Greatest Hermes, would be the unified version of the trident. The left and right fork of the trident unite and twist around the center rod in a dance resulting in union at the top of the staff. Therefore, the trident would represent the opposing state — the masculine and feminine un-unified.

The next idea I came up with, was that it represents the dangers of group-think. The mob mentality, and being afraid to speak up against the general consensus of the collective. In most cartoons, when there is an angry mob, what are they carrying? Pitchforks, or in other words, the trident. So, in this case, the trident could represent being too afraid to go against the status quo with the truths of spirituality we have discovered. For example: being afraid of getting labeled crazy.

And while these two previous meanings absolutely are RELEVANT and deeply important, and by no means should be disregarded in any form, I believe that the greatest of meanings lies in the one with which I started this post.

It is Neptune’s Trident. Neptune, the planet related to transcendence, but also escapism.

We must break free from the trident. We must break free from modern escapism. We must, no ifs ands or buts about it. It is do or die.

We turn to the trident when we are in pain.

We turn to the trident when we are anxious.

We turn to the trident when we are sad — when we are angry — when we are depressed.

We turn to the trident when we are bored.

What if, instead of turning away from our pains, and towards the trident, we stayed facing our pains?

What if we could do something with them?

An alchemist knows that fire is imperative to turn lead into gold. If we are to truly become awakened, if we are to truly wake from our sleep, do we not need the fire and energy to do so?

If that is, then why do we douse these fires with the waters of Neptune?

If it is freedom we truly seek, then it is fire we must truly cultivate. We must cultivate the Sacred Fire if we are to ever wake from our slumber.

Break free from the trident, folks. Otherwise, you’re wasting your time.

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