Break Free from the Trident – 2

Break free from the Trident.

The trident is the symbol of Neptune. What does Neptune symbolize?
Neptune represents illusion. Neptune is known as the ocean of illusion.

Therefore, breaking free from the trident would simply mean breaking free from the ocean of illusion — that is, our ocean of illusion in this reality that we share.

Breaking free from the trident, is to break free from the collective Cave we are in (if you do not know what I’m talking about, you should really learn about Plato’s Allegory of the Cave).

An image comes to mind:

Post image

This group — of my favorite people! — are literally at the very edge of their very reality. What lies at the other end, for them, is certain death. That being said, if they breach this barrier, the very source of light itself, the Sun (or true illumination), will no longer be convoluted, muddled, and confused (as water does to light).

This is an image that has come through to me in my most frightening of meditations, where I it feels as if I am pushing the very edge of my very own reality. It is a state that I have been hovering in for the past several months, and it is the state that I tried to escape by getting on Lithium. I wanted to escape the death that would certainly happen if I moved forward on my journey. I now realize that I would rather sleep 3 hours a night, every night, and deal with the fear I was dealing with, than live with the blindfold that Lithium put on me.

Imagine me exactly where Spongebob was in that image. Can you imagine if someone was pushing him up the hill, and onto the island? He would certainly be pushing back. His heels would be deep in the sand, firmly attached to the ground, terrified to move forward. After all, certain death would meet him on the other side.

It is natural to fear death, as was the case for me. And yet, this death is the goal of the alchemists. Was not my goal to destroy the way I once saw the world, and embrace a new, higher reality? How did I get to the top of that hill in the first place? Why? What was I after, what was I seeking?

You finally reach the door, and you’re afraid to open?

You’re seconds away from the summit of Mount Everest, and you want to turn back?

Fuuuuck no. This is how I break free from the trident: I will burst out of the waters of illusion, and embrace the pure, unadulterated light on the other side.

I invite you to join me, but trust me: this ride is not for the faint of heart.

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