Holes —

Everyone is so goddamn horny!

Men — women — other —

Every single one of my sisters and brothers!

all walking around like bitches in heat,

Desperate, so goddamn desperate for some meat!

I did not stutter — I am saying every man is gay.

But listen — listen here, I pray —

At the end of the day,

If a man wants his hole filled, what else am I to say?

And, instead of waiting for the perfect suitor —

They’ll invite anything into their cooter!

Am I slut shaming? Yes, I think I am,

And no one needs blaming — but they fill their holes any way they can. 

They say anything’s a dildo if you’re brave enough… I think the opposite.

People are stuffing their holes with objects of all shapes and sizes!

They put pills in there, food in there,

Some fill their holes with people,

Some people even stuff mansions in their holes!

Their holes grow loose,

Until one day, they find themselves in their final hole — a noose.

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