The Cosmos are being poured into a glass,

and I take drink after drink after drink till I crash.

The Guides warn me not to go too fast,

but this is an opportunity I just can’t pass,

as each moment brings new peaks ever higher than the last.

Sometimes, I hold my bearings too tightly.

I remind myself to let go, enjoy it, sight-see,

but I grow wary, we’ve been going at this nightly.

The ride seems to get more intense, as if only to spite me,

and my grip loosens each day, ever so slightly.

Existence is a rollercoaster, on that, you can’t fight me —

The life of peaks and valleys? It simply likes me.

Stability? No, I don’t know her.

But I must admit, the thought of her gives me a boner,

but as of right now, I choose to be a loner.

My heart is a Six Flags, can’t you see?

There is no one on this ride, but me,

and there is no room here for stability.

But, I do have one offer to extend to thee:

won’t you join the ride with me?

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