This soem nakes mo pense (Trend-Setter)

Gotta wonder if I’m human or dancer,

We don’t know, gotta run up to the chancellor,

Come up to him like, can I take your hand sir?

Look him in the eye and tell him, give me the answer, 

 This aching is growing inside of me like some muthafuckin cancer.

Why do you try to control me? Don’t act like you’re the law!

Don’t try to herd me like some cattle or sheep, sorry but that’s a hell naw!

Makes me wanna clock you in the fuckin jaw!

Sorry but my beats are just too raw,

Eatin this up like it’s come Cole slaw,

Sound the alarm with a CA-CAWWW!

Beat you down then laugh in your face like, HA-HA

Say peace, sionara, I’m out of here with a lil TA-TA

This is what happens when you mess with the force!

How many times do I got to say this — I’m no Trojan horse!

I will speak my truth with quiver and rhyme until my voice gets hoarse.

Tearing apart your shoddy foundation, without a shred of remorse.

Keep letting my truth slay — when it rains, it pours.

Taking each of you on the safari of truth, call those tours!

Annihilating each and every thing in my way like it’s just my daily chores. 

These lions and tigers? I’m one of them.

Don’t come at me acting like you’re my friend —

I can see what’s hiding under your chinny chin chin. 

I been on the come up since I was just a boy, no less than 10,

I’m the rooster in the house, I seduce the motherfuckin’ hens,

There would be no way of knowing if they slipped in, any men,

Or maybe somethin’ in between, we call that Ren!

Ima keep channeling these rhymes with the force of my pen,

If I’m gonna stop? Nah, I don’t know when!

Stay up till the wee hours of the night out here in my den,

I have this lust for life that won’t stop, I’m wild like a lion!

Build up the ecstasy, I’m constantly flyin’,

Look to the spirit for the answers, we call that scryin’,

She gives me truth, you can’t catch her lyin,

Build that ecstasy until we begin cryin’!

Sometimes it feels like my brain is fryin’,

But I’m only upgrading an appliance!

Don’t you worry, I’ve got this down to a science,

Spirit pours down on me, breaking the silence,

Sometimes I run away, in an act of defiance,

But I know inside, there’s no use in tryin’!

Good luck running away from your heart, it’ll always be right there with you,

Lest you go right back to the start, and allow yourself to be born anew!

It’s blue,

it’s true,

it’s you,

up up and away you flew,

doing the things you were always born to do.

I’m not fucking crazy!

Don’t call me that! It’s you, who’s lazy!

Just go back into your slumber,

as each day, you get dumber, and dumber.

That’s all you’ll ever be: a runner!

Try and face the demons! I promise you, it’s funner!

Shame on you, living life in fear,

Allowing the demons to take the wheel and steer,

But it’s your life, go ahead and do what you think is right,

But at the end of the day, you’re just a driver with no headlights.

Are you too scared to see what lies in the dark?

I promise, everything in there has no bite, only bark —

As for me, I march forward, on a quest to leave my mark.

Can’t you see the game?! What is life, but a theme park?

So go forward, do it! Don’t be so scared —

You have to, my friend — you’ve just been triple-dog-dared!

The reward? At the end, you’ll be able to tell yourself, “at least I fucking cared.”

My friend, let us make it a beautiful life that we’ll have shared.

Let’s be bold.

There’s no meaning in a life, doing only what you’re told,

because in the end, it will only be your soul that you have sold.

There is no need to have regrets when you are old —

this life, it is all yours to mold.

Fuck them all; fuck the hypocrites that will scold,

because in the end of days, it will be them who in their graves, have rolled.

So step up — decide to be better —

Don’t back down — be the true trend-setter!

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