“You want to escape, right? That’s very sane, that’s very sane!”

If I told you what was outside of the cave, would you believe me?

I have a nagging fear that you would instead think I’m crazy —

You’d beg me, come on Omar, take it easy —

Even though such a thing surely wouldn’t please me,

I do not care, I won’t let your chains squeeze me —

What is outside of this cave, is the only thing that will heal me —

Nothing inside of your cave can appeal me —

I do not know what lies beyond, and yet it reels me —

Unlike you, who holds on to the darkness that conceals thee —

Day after day, it continues to steal thee —

But there is a light within, that I wish to reveal thee —

Layer by layer, I shall begin to peel thee —

Until, slowly, you begin to see the real thee —

Discarding everything unworthy —

Revealing the true essence within… luminous, and pearly —

And then we shall exit the cave… slowly, but surely!

Funny how with metaphors of enlightenment, discovering what lies beyond is synonymous to discovering what lies within —

If you want to create perfect poetry, with perfect structure imbued with perfection and truth of spirit, create that within yourself —

I am ready to leave my lamp behind, and step into the true source of light —

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