The Original, First Broken Heart.

I have preliminarily called this “An Ode to Pluto,” however, given the nature of this subject, I would not be surprised if I have changed the title to something less… appreciative, by the time I have finished writing this. Therefore, if the title of this is not “An Ode to Pluto,” then you know what has happened!

I have chosen to write this due to the coalescence of several months of data coming together to form an increasingly clear picture within my mind. Said picture is paramount to our understanding of the nature of reality, and suffering itself.

Time for a brief playback of one of my favorite broken records/clichés: there exists a divide among us!

The divide is not societal — the divide is not political — the divide is not socio-political! This divide is the most macro of all known macro. This divide has spread into the microcosm, of course, but its origins appear to be as macro as it gets.

This divide is a collective birth trauma we all have — meaning, we enter this world with this rip. As a man I once knew said, “we were all born with broken wings.” It appears that this divide is a natural function of this world, or perhaps a natural law.

This law says, ‘make the one, into two. Let the whole, become unwhole.’

Where there was the singularity, came duality. A once perfect mirror, was broken into fragments. What was once the same, became the opposite. It was the beginning of the most tragic love story ever known to man, and the truest beginning, of the truest broken heart. From life, came death, and from union, came separation.

You see, this divide is not the all-too-familiar Red vs. Blue, nor Left vs. Right — this divide exists at the foundation of our existence, with its reflection permeating life as we know it. And this divide is symbolized by Pluto.

Pluto is the rip. Pluto represents corruption, death, and sex. Now, ask yourself: how is it that death and corruption are correlated with sex? Ask yourself: with the One broken, or corrupted, into Two through incarnation here, what would we call their attempt to bridge this divide? What would we call the unification of the opposites that exists here? What is the union of the primary opposites called?

Bingo. Sex is a very testament to the divide that exists here. Here, the One is split into Two. As long as they are Here, each fragmented aspect of the One will spend their lifetime unwhole. A lack of Wholeness is synonymous with suffering; therefore, each divided part of the One will spend their entire existence seeking the other half they were split from, in an effort to return into Wholeness. This, my friends, is what we know as love, and what we know as sex. What we know as “love” here, is but a momentary glimpse into the glory of the Union of Above, a faint memory of wholeness.

[Addition 2/8/2022: And the pleasure of sex is not pleasure at all; it is merely the alleviation of suffering. Pleasure is only defined by pain.]

This is why sex, death, and corruption are correlated: here, sex is our passionate yearning to return to Heavenly Union. The Physical is a mirror that reflects the Divine. Unfortunately, this mirror has a horrific crack through the middle, becoming not a reflection of the Above, but a broken reflection of the Above. The below is not the Above; it has its reflection, but not without a terrible, corrupted crack running through it. This reality is a corrupted reflection of the Above.

We, then, were all born with broken hearts. The question is, how does one truly mend a broken heart? This is the secret of the alchemists; the secret of eternal life.

I will leave this with a quote by none other than Jesus, along with some relevant symbols:

“When you make the two into one, and when you make the inner as the outer, and the upper as the lower, and when you make male and female into a single one, so that the male shall not be male, and the female shall not be female: . . . then you will enter [the kingdom].”

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