What makes it worth it for you?

“What makes it worth it for you?”

“The shimmers of light that have shined from beyond the dark tunnel.

When you’re in a dark tunnel, and have not seen any light, you might not even know that you’re in a tunnel. You may not even know it has an end. But when you see the light shine, you know there is a direction to march in, and that the tunnel has an end.

So, marching towards that light is what makes it worth it. I know there is something to march towards, there is a goal in mind. There is light behind the darkness; therefore, why would I stay put? I must keep walking. ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going.’ Why would you stop in hell? In my case, I know that there is an end, as evidence of what I’ve been blessed to see and experience. That is all.”

“I really like that, yes… I think I agree completely.

How do you know what direction to go in, or is any direction productive, as long as you’re moving, in your opinion?”

“Hmmmm… once you find a source of light, keep following it. That’s all I can say.”

“I like that too.”

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