What is Bigotry?

What is Bigotry?

To begin, Love is opposite Hate —

Love is Union, things as One —

Hate is Separation, things Divided —

What causes Hate?

Fear causes Hate —

Hate is equivalent to Fear —

And, As Within, so Without —

So, with these things in mind, what then is bigotry?

Bigotry, is the specific divide of the Masculine against the Feminine.

Bigotry, then, is the specific FEAR of the Masculine against the Feminine.

The Masculine begins to fear the Feminine —


It fears the qualities of the Feminine —

It fears emotion, it fears vulnerability —

But it fears these qualities within themselves —

Men fear their OWN emotion, fear their OWN vulnerability, and therefore FEAR THEIR OWN FEMININE —

They fear it, so to protect themselves, they Hate it —

This is also called Toxic Masculinity —

And as withIN, so withOUT —

The way a man treats women, DIRECTLY reflects how he treats his OWN Feminine —

Men who are INternally separated from their own Feminine side, will be separated from the Feminine EXternally too —

These men may have girlfriends, and may have wives —

But they will not truly be connected to their partners.

Have compassion for the bigots, even in their hate —

They are the most emotionally starved —

Their hate and disrespect for the feminine,

Is only their hate and disrespect for themselves.

Men who were shamed for their own feminine side — for their own emotion, their own vulnerability — are the bigots.

They were TAUGHT to hate this core aspect of themselves —

And thus they were TAUGHT to hate this core aspect of others.

It is only because they hate THEMSELVES that they hate the other.

…All each of us needs is a little bit of warmth.

It’s okay to feel.

Your vulnerability is not weakness… it is beautiful.

As always, the only way to remedy Hate is with Love

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