Do Nothing

SpongeBob Squarepants and Patrick Star should be your primary spiritual teachers.


To begin, watch this episode:

What we are taught here is the principle of Divine Nonchalance, which is not only complete trust but also complete knowing that everything that is needed will be provided to us.

It is also the principle of the Law of Attraction and Manifestation, or, in other words, As WithIN so WithOUT (what is outside will reflect what is inside, and vice versa).

They show us that vibrating abundance, and being it, attracts just that to you.

Abundance exists first in the heart, and then in the material. Create abundance in the Above — in your spirit — and then it will “fall from the sky” into the Below — physical reality.

Watch how Squidward operates as The Fool in this, serving as comedic relief. He has the mindset of lack, and attracts that. He represents the un-alchemized and un-realized self, which perpetuates its own suffering, and attracts it.

Meanwhile, SpongeBob and Patrick live in their own fucking fantasy land!

Yet, is it truly a fantasy land? If it were a fantasy land, would their supposed “fantastical thinking” materialize right in front of them?

They also teach us that, sometimes, we do MOST by doing NOTHING, and TRUSTING.

These magical beings ask the Magic Conch what to do to escape the forest.

They are told, DO NOTHING.

They do.

Then suddenly, infinite abundance literally falls from the heavens and blesses them with everything they need.

Even in situations that seem hopeless, in which we think we should be taking the most action, we benefit from just being.

SpongeBob and Patrick are excellent spiritual teachers!

When we stop trying, and instead embrace the heaven that exists within, it manifests.

SpongeBob and Patrick do not try. There is absolutely no resistance in what they are doing. There is no try, only do. Only being. It’s the easiest fucking thing on the planet, what they are doing. It is our natural state. This life teaches us that things have to be hard. They don’t. We are taught fear. It’s not real.

Do nothing, folks. Do nothing.

2 responses to “Do Nothing”

  1. I loved this post. Referencing that Spongebob’s episode was genius. We can learn a lot from cartoons. Will keep following your posts. Well done!


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