Chinese Finger Trap

Break free from the trident!

…were my true father’s words to me.

Break free from the TRY-dent…

There is no try, only do.

If All is Mind,

and if our world is Imaginary,

then should Creation not be effortless?

Should Creation not be as effortless as Imagination?

Imagination is effortless. One does not try to imagine. Imagination actually only happens in states of relaxation. One must be relaxed in order to imagine to the best of their ability.

Therefore, if the key to freedom lies in our imagination, is our key to freedom not, then, relaxation?

Is true freedom not the ability to create freely? Therefore, is true freedom not the ability to imagine freely?

Break free from the trident’ is a reminder that imagination is effortless. In order to break free from our shackles, we must imagine it to be so. We must imagine the reality we desire. How can one create without imagining? We must have a free imagination in order to create what we desire. God created in his IMAGE-ination. Imagination is our God-given and God-like ability.

You are imagining your shackles. Instead, imagine your freedom.

This process is effortless — like a Chinese finger trap, the moment we stop resisting, we will be free.

If you are imagining that you must try for something to be so, you are imagining limits upon yourself. To imagine the need to ‘try’ means to imagine that there is the possibility of failure.

This is why there is no try, and only do. To let go of the idea ‘try’ is to let go of the idea of limitations. And this is a realignment with truth, as the limit of our ability to create is equivalent to the limit of our ability to imagine: there is none.

Either create, or do not. Or, in other words, either imagine, or do not.

If imagination and creation are the same, and one does not need to try to imagine, then one does not need to try to create.

And if trying is counterproductive to imagination, then trying is counterproductive to creation.

Trying is then counterproductive to the manifestation of your ideal life. The very idea of needing to try has its foundations in the possibility of failure, in the idea of our limits, of which we have none. If you are caught up in trying to manifest your ideal life, then you are caught up in the idea and feeling that you cannot have it. Therefore, that is what will manifest!

The only way to escape the Chinese Finger Trap is to relax.

Do it.

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