Happy Birthday Rema

On this day minus 14 years,

Born was a girl who gave me the strength to persevere.

I don’t know anyone that’s more fierce,

Who is still yet there to wipe away your tears;

Now come one, come all, I have something to say,

And it’s all in the name of wishing her a happy birthday:

She possesses an endless light,

Almost blinding at the mere sight.

She never backs down from a fight,

And to be frank, always has to be right!

She’s full of strength, and full of might;

But not in length, no, not in height!

I don’t know anyone with more spirit;

And truth be told, many people fear it;

You’ll always be my light in the dark;

And on this world, you’ll make your mark.

She truly has a massive heart,

And it’s complemented by eyes like darts;

I’ve always loved her right from the start;

To know her spirit is to know true art;

Brother and sister, hearts intertwined,

A bond unbreakable till the end of time.

Beyond her years, she’s very wise;

And you can see it all in her piercing brown eyes.

With just one look, she sees through your lies,

And boy, do I pity anyone who tries!

With no more than a single look,

This girl can read you easier than a book.

Those magic eyes will leave you defenseless;

And she can do it all while looking like a princess.

How can someone have so much power,

(Really, enough to make a grown man cower,)

Yet still have the poise and beauty of a flower?

Truly the epitome of sweet & sour —

Like a rose, she has her thorns;

She’s both clear sky, and thunderous storm;

And from the very day she was born,

With my entire heart, she I’ve adored;

With her, there’s never a moment I’m bored; 

This warrior is blessed by the good Lord;

With just a single slice of her sword,

Down goes demon after demon by the hoard;

And though she has one mean RBF,

She’ll always, always be my BFF!

Me and her have an unspoken pact;

She’s my ride or die till the end, and that’s a fact!

From the beginning, till the end,

Rema, you’ll always be my best friend.

And though these words all ring true,

None of them can fully say how much I love you.

I’m someone you’ll never be able to get rid,

And I love you so much, you might as well be my own kid.

And when me and you are hand in hand,

We become the ocean, instead of two grains of sand.

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