The Sun of Man

The Son of Man

(Disclaimer: I was high as fuck when I wrote this. I do not mean to assert myself as a religious authority by any means, though it will sound like that in this post. I seek to know more, and this is simply one perspective that has been taken in a long series of them in my ever-shifting and ever-so-mutable view of the world.)

Would you believe me if I told you that the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a metaphor — or at least a reflection — of the pattern of the physical Sun?

That his crucifixion as he died is symbolized by a Sunset?

That his death is the time the Sun is down?

That his resurrection is when the Sun comes back up?

That his 12 disciples are the 13 (typo but I’ll leave it for Opiuchus, yes this is a hill I’ll die on) zodiac signs?

That the Earth is the Virgin mother of the Son? For her womb is where the Son of Man is given form/is born? The perfectly fertile — or virgin — soil for the Sun (Father) to be born into the physical Son?

The mystery and paradox of the Immaculate Conception/Virgin Birth is the mystery of how from Sun comes Life on Earth. Without any physical contact between the Sun and Earth, life springs, like the Immaculate Conception to the Sacred Virgin (that, at the risk of sounding redundant, came without sex).

Jesus’s “heart on fire” is actually representative of the literal Solar Sun that “blazes” for us.

Him “dying for us so that we may live” is because without his — the Sun’s — death every night into Night — the Sunset — we would be burnt alive by the consistent exposure. His Life gives us Life, but he must also Die repeatedly as well in order to Save us (from Himself)!

This is the Pattern of the Sun, the supreme Truth.

“It ascends from earth to heaven and again descends to earth and receives the forces of things above and below” (an excerpt directly from the Emerald Tablet, or Emerald Formula, directly revealed from Thrice Greatest Hermes as the Operation of the Sun.)
The previous quote literally is the Sun rising and falling in the Sky — repeatedly (as the passage of time).

Why do you think the Emerald Tablet finishes as saying “It is accomplished, what I have told of the operation of the Sun”? Everything it describes is the recipe for how to create perfected Matter out of Light — how Pure Illumination and Light, the literal Sun itself, the literal SOURCE of all that exists is turned into the living Son, perfected Man, symbolized in the story of Christ — or the Philosophers Stone — the operation of the Sun.
It is the universal cookbook to not only create man, but to perfect it, from Pure Light — aka literal sunlight — into physical incarnation.

All of the ingredients in the Emerald Formula show us exactly what happens to turn Light into Form, Sun (Light) into Son (perfectly incarnate perfect Light).

The Perfected Formula creates the Perfected Man.

Christ is said to be the exact same as his Father — Father and Son are the same — because the living Christ is the perfectly incarnated perfectly embodied physical Sun. The perfectly embodied spiritual Sun.

The Sun being the literal, physical source of all Light for us cannot be overlooked. It is said that what is Below perfectly reflects that which is Above. Therefore, the light of everything in the physical world should reveal to us the spiritual Light of Everything. Meaning, the Literal Source. The Light itself. The physical Sun, and it’s characteristics in how we relate to it, should describe to us our relationship with the spiritual Father (spiritual Sun).

The literal fact that, if it were day all the time, we would perish, is a literal reminder that light and dark is truly needed for existence. The yin-yang of light/dark is a core component of life, and it’s core ingredient.

Original sin — or the idea that humans are innately flawed and possessed of an evil side — can be represented by the idea that we cannot endure the Sun’s literal, physical light all the time. To convert this statement from terms of the Below, or it’s physical manifestation, into the Above, or it’s origins in Spirit, we cannot fully endure God’s Light without dying. The function of the darkness is separateness — without the separation, there is no I, and thus there is no Self separate from God. Not only can our bodies not fully endure the Source of all Light, but our souls cannot fully endure the Source of all Light without dying — or immersion back to Source. The “defined lines” creating an Other is the darkness. And, because our survival — or existence as an other from God — is depended upon these lines of separation, it can be thus inferred that our existence as spiritual beings is also dependent on darkness itself.

Because of our form (our literal physical form) the Sun must die every night, or set,in order for us to survive — the Christ who died (dies) so that we can live. In that sense, part of our lifeblood is the darkness — we cannot live without his death, spiritually — through the metaphorical “dark lines of separation” (symbolized by the Fall of Man or creation of the Mind — this is why Mercury can be symbolized by the serpent) that mark us as separate identities from Source (also why ego is considered “sinful”) — nor physically, through the Sun setting and allowing us to cool off and remain alive.

Mercury is often times symbolized by a serpent, and represents knowledge itself. Do you see where I’m going with this? Mercury is the serpent in the garden that tempts man to eat from the tree of knowledge and leads to the Fall. This is symbolized by Mercury being the first planet from the Sun — the first physical incarnation or “fall,” or corruption — from pure Light. Because Mercury comes first in the order of the planets, Mercury is the first “step” away from pure Light and into Darkness (sometimes known as “evil” but not always). However, it is also the closest physical reality can get to the Light of the Sun, the physical body that contains the Light the most.

Each of the celestial bodies and elements thus are secret ingredients — the perfect cocktail to create Humanity, the sum total of the Cosmos, or the Philosophers Stone. Too much Sun, we can’t keep human life going — too little, it dies. Humanity is the perfect balance of all the spiritual elements — Light, Dark, Father, Mother, Heat, Cold, Yin, Yang.

This is why it is said that opposites are needed to create Life. Without Father — or heat — no primeval spark is created. Without Mother — or cold — there is no Petri dish for life to take shape. Without cold, we cannot define heat (and vice versa). The Son is what is created between those two principles, the living reconciliation of opposites. Humanity is thus the living Rebis and coincidencia oppositorum.

The Ankh being the symbol of life is because through his death, we experience life. The loop at the top of the cross makes the ankh — the head of the crucified one. This symbolizes life because there is no physical life without the Sun — or Son/Christ — setting every night — or dying/being Crucified at Sunset.

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