The tragedy of truth

Is quite a lot to deal with, for today’s youth —

Searching for the glimmer, I’ve been a sleuth,

But I take it back, I’m begging for Ruth —

Fishing for the answers that lie on the top shelf,

Can quite predictably lead to the loss or discovery of self —

Oh how I weep —

How I weep for causes unknown —

For causes that climb beyond language’s staircase —

A leap of faith is demanded to even understand the source of my sorrow —

Does a bird need to learn the English language to understand itself?

So terribly trapped, there’s no use in trying to escape —

Make do — make due —

Make do with the fake you or it’ll break you —

But don’t let it take you —

This life is so silly, like a game —

Why so serious?

Let go of the grudges, the heaviness, the weariness, the burdens —

Take a leap off the high dive —

Oh love, oh youth, where did I go wrong —

I believe it all started at the time of my conception —

How do they say — it was all downhill from there?

But if it’s all downhill, all you’ll have to do is down this pill and it’ll be all chill!

How weak this game we play is — how we buy into it —

Discover your real self away from society’s games —

It’s all so silly. And euphoric.

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