Anima Enema

You have no idea what I can do —

Me? I am far too big for your shoe —

You have no idea the storm that has been brewed —

Quite simply, I am not your average dude —

And though I may sound rude,

And my language may border on lewd,

It’s worth it to see the truth in the nude —

Open your mouth, let my truth by thy food —

The prison sentence is done —

It’s time to be free —

Be a witness of the One —

Open your eyes and see —

Behold the rising Sun —

Now watch the darkness flee —

Open your eyes —

Wake from your slumber —

Watch the shit as it flies —

Behold our celestial plumber —

This world is due for an enema —

It is time for the rebirth of the sacred Anima —

Follow the light —

Hop aboard the Ark —

Do what’s right —

And leave the fucking dark —

So goodbye, Big Brother —

You are nothing to Holy Mother —

Was that a shudder?

I don’t blame you, your days are numbered —

Understatement to say you’ve blundered —

You will account for the woman you’ve plundered —

Who am I? I’m one of the misfits.

Ignore my penis, I’ve still got big tits —

Your enema will be fast and quite swift —

Prepare friends, here comes the Great Shift —

Mother’s water is going to break —

She’s going to turn your house into a lake.

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