Stockholm Syndrome

How can I ever mend the tear?

Years living around the trigger of a hair —

They took my peace, it’s just not fair —

I did my best to try not to care —

To take their advice and “just grow a pair” —

They always wondered why I had a thousand yard stare —

How can I “just forget” what you’ve damaged beyond repair?

All that you people are to me is a dreadful snare —

I’ve been trying to fly, to take to the air —

To do anything I can to break free of your lair —

But what can I do with this deadweight of despair?

There’s so much to do, so much to share —

But you’ve taught me to sit here and be scared —

To not even try, to not even dare —

But what I have, is incredibly rare —

Like a Phoenix, I will rise with a flare —

I will leave the den, and break free from mother Bear —

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