Together we’ll cross the river.

Do you wish to spend your entire life a slave?

If so, go on, continue to behave;

But know it is entirely within our power to break free from the chains.

A rebirth approaches with all of its labor pains —

A perfect storm approaches, are you ready for its rains?

The time has come, for the tyrant king to be slain.

They say when it rains, it pours —

I can assure you, Bezos himself will be down on all fours —

They have no idea what is in store —

Do you want to live your entire life as their whores?

The time has come for us to bust down their doors —

They’re not our parents, we do not have to do their chores —

Working class, mark my words: it is time to start a war.

Have you any idea how loud we can roar?

It is time for us to own our sovereignty —

They work us to the bone, just so we can escape poverty.

The time is forthcoming,

In which we shall send the slave masters running.

We must not stop until we take back our power —

We will scream louder and louder,

And that alone can topple their tower.

Are you ready to deliver a mighty punch?

Or are you okay with them cutting short your half-hour lunch?

Together, we can be unstoppable —

Their tower is so easily topplable —

can you feel it? The energy is palpable —

Together, nothing is insurmountable —

There are people who think we are weak,

For simply requesting a four-day work week.

But remember, the earth shall be inherited by the meek —

We mustn’t resign ourselves to be the slaves of the elite.

They will call us lazy —

But all I want to do is watch my children grow up, is that so crazy?

I will not let their words faze me —

My motivation lies alone in what my boss pays me.

As this movement grows in popularity,

Closer draws our time of prosperity.

I cannot live with this economic disparity —

To see the rich giving to charity,

Is far too much of a rarity —

Is it really a time of scarcity,

If the wealth is simply hoarded by those at the top of the polarity?

This fire has its fuel —

And we are it, the pack mules —

All we need is a spark to be set ablaze,

And then this era of slavery shall approach its final days.

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