USA Pluto Return: I don’t know why people cite the COVID pandemic as an expression of the USA’s Pluto return, + Much More Additional Discussion

The pandemic was a global catastrophe that did not even start in the USA. It affected all nations. All nations were dealt the same cards, albeit with great variation in ability and willingness to properly handle and play those cards.

At least in the case of U.S. astrologers, people saying that the pandemic is part of the USA’s Pluto return seems like just another symptom of how USA citizens view themselves as the center of the world. I would be interested to see if any astrologers outside of the (*insert finger quotes and extreme sarcasm*) UnItEd (what a fucking joke) States have ascribed the pandemic as being an aspect of the USA’s Pluto return — and I doubt that has happened, unless I am overlooking something.

(Edit: Now, I am not saying there is no way they are not connected — I just feel like that point had to be raised, and I invite the pertinent discussion.)

That being said, I am not exactly sure what phenomena I would assign as part of the USA’s Pluto return other than what I’ve been fed and have read, e.g. corruption (such as, and absolutely not limited to, sex trafficking among the elites) coming to light and political instability/extreme division. Part of me feels like it is beyond comprehension, meaning anyone who can confidently say the Pluto return means “this, this, and this” is probably always going to be overlooking something and not seeing the full picture due to Pluto’s nature. It’s so subtle, in the dark, and behind the scenes, hidden from our conscious awareness.

My intuition, however, tells me that the cultural genocide and enslavement of entire groups of peoples is a dominant theme that is being/that has been addressed by the Pluto return. George Floyd’s death, for example, is for sure at least one major representation of the Pluto return. I think the single largest thing addressed by the Pluto return is the country’s foundation on racism and exploitation, including but not limited to the sacred Natives and Blacks. The symbols my intuitive mind presents me are A) the KKK, B) the 3/5 Compromise (such a relatively small part of the atrocities committed against Blacks, I know, but it’s what my mind is showing me. Perhaps an ideal symbol for how the Blacks were considered less-than-human), and C) the Trail of Tears.

Coming up next would be governmental/corporate power abuse/puppeteering and sex trafficking. A relevant word here would be “plutocracy.” And again, my intuitive mind presents a symbol: dog-fighting. I interpret this to be the rich pitting the poor against each other, perhaps artificially constructing the left-right, Republican-Democrat divide, stealing power from the mass populace to keep them disempowered. I do feel that 9/11 is relevant to the Pluto return as well, but I am not sure how.

I still yet feel like I am missing something. What do you think?

In addition, I feel like the Pluto return ‘pre-exact’ is a different beast altogether than ‘post-exact.’ What changes do you expect in the time period after the exaction? Consolidation of change, perhaps? I honestly feel like we have hardly even seen anything yet… I just feel like there is much, much more to be answered for. I mean an enormous amount. Huge. I still yet feel like there is more to come. More events that change the world in such a way that things will never be the same. Yes, that’s already happened, but again, I just feel like it’s… not enough. Pluto has yet to really show its power as a nuclear weapon, in my opinion. A nuclear football, if you will… heh. We’re not done yet.

I truly hope the celestials create true and honest change and reform through the Pluto return. How deeply I long for the scales to be balanced…

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