Our job here is to be like the Moon —

To become so whitely pure that we may perfectly reflect, embody, and hold God’s light.

In doing this, we become a source of light for others in the dark night that is this world. We become living proof of the eternal light, like the Moon who reminds us that the Sun’s light still exists even if we can’t see it with our physical eyes —

In being like the Moon, no matter how dark the night is, we are proof that day will come and that the light does indeed exist no matter how dark things seem.

The Moon also teaches us to continue reflecting and embodying the light of the true King, regardless of the impact of physical incarnation. She dons her craters as a reminder that, no matter what this universe threw at her, she continued faithfully on her path — she continues to embody the light, and her scars are part of the beauty of her sacrifice.

In this way, the mother is the Savior aspect of God who comes into physical incarnation for us. She sacrifices herself and enters a body, enduring the pain of physical incarnation for us, protecting us from the unforgiving stones hurled by the merciless void, faithfully being the perfect, pure bride of the source that we may one day emulate.

Our job on this planet is to become perfect mirrors, to wipe clean our mirrors of impurities and smudges, to increase our ability to reflect and hold light —

When we make our mirror squeaky clean, we become more perfect receptacles for the light of God’s life-giving understanding —

Then we enter cycles where we reflect and embody that light for others like the full moon — we are not the source, we merely perfectly embody it that we may remind others of its existence and lead others to it despite the darkness —

Then we withdraw and enter periods of emptiness and conference with the divine, like the yogic breathless state, withdrawing our light from this world, appearing dead or gone, or in introspection, our focus being hidden,

Then we come back once again to share with the world our merely reflected light in what appears as a never-ending cycle.

This all is why purity is of utmost importance on the spiritual path. An impure mirror blurs, distorts, obscures, and/or entirely swallows light. But in becoming perfect mirrors of the light, we are enlightened.

We are not the source; we embody the source. Humility is not merely a pretty virtue; it is truth. The Moon knows the light is not her own; she is only a perfect, holy mirror of that light, shining it for us in the dark.

Our gurus, saviors, and prophets are the Full Moons that come during our dark nights as pure reflections of the Father, their shine determined by the purity of their mirror.

3 responses to “Reflection”

  1. (This last part I am not so sure about, as I definitely associate Christ with the physical Sun… he is literally the Son of god… but still? The physical vessel I associate with the moon, but the true living essence and source is that never-ending light that is Spirit.. that is the paradox I suppose)


  2. We are all unfaithful brides; this is the importance of faith, we must literally be faithful brides, our heart must entirely belong to Spirit, to Life, and not cheat by dividing our devotion to the physical plane that is our Death.


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