Life is a Pair of Docs.

I am like a newborn elder;

The eldest newborn, the newest elder,

old as I am young, young as I am old;

I am as dark as I am light,

light as I am dark;

Angrily silent,

with peaceful shouts ;

Bitterly soothing,

I am soothingly bitter;

My desire to destroy,

only matched by my desire to create.

I am a motherly torturer!

I am both mothered, and tortured!

I shalt bring you to life through the power of paradox,

only after the paradox kills you!

Torturer, and tortured;

Motherer, mothered;

I feast on your shadows, and I shit out Gold.

I feast on your gold, and shit out Shadows.

I do not know how I could be any more clear:

My clarity lies in ambiguity!

My ambiguity, in clarity!

Nothing more confusing than truth.

Nothing more true than confusion.

I speak, and yet I say nothing —

My silence, deafening —

I shall show you Heaven past the gates of Hell,

and Hell, through Heaven’s gates.

After all, what is Hell, but separation,

and separation, but an illusion?

What is illusion, but an aspect of Truth,

and Truth, but the sum total of all illusions?

I can teach you to see with blind eyes,

and taste, with a severed tongue;

I cannot teach you the unteachable;

only unteach, the teachable;

I will be the solvent in which you dissolve;

I will be the coffin, in which you are layed to rest;

I will be that which kills you,

not that which resurrects;

but I will certainly be the potion of your revival,

and not that of your death;

I am both.


One or the other.

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