Perhaps one of the greatest examples of misinformation in spiritual communities online is that of the Loosh Farm analogy. What was intended as a beautiful metaphor, describing how finding Love (with a capital ‘L’) is the meaning and purpose of life, became a perverted source of fear-mongering making people think we are imprisoned on an alien ant farm against our wills. And that’s how it goes; on a much lesser scale, it is similar to how Christ’s teachings were perverted to justify hate and intolerance.

What is tragic and so, so silly to me is that people will fully adopt this horrifying worldview without even considering to actually read the damn book by Robert Monroe that explains this in full, and from where this metaphor originated. If you are interested, read his trilogy on OBEs. And if you haven’t, you are not qualified to speak on the Loosh Farm analogy, and it would be irresponsible to assume you are. If you want to comment on the theory, then read the actual theory, and not what someone thinks the theory is!

Anyway, I have a way to explain this whole thing that may assuage some of that terror and misinformation. I wrote this while on a walk, observing a bee pollinating a flower.

On the “Loosh Farm” Analogy

The “Loosh farm” analogy is similar to how we eat bee’s honey.

We simply are who we are, do what humans do, and the spiritual Loosh that is produced is consumed by higher beings.

Bees do what they do, they’re not imprisoned nor trapped, matter of fact, they fulfill their purpose by making honey,

And we just consume the leftovers.

It’s about energy transference in ecosystems. Similar to how we need “lower forms of life” in order to survive, by eating plants or animals. Except, in this case? They do not eat us, they eat our byproduct, similar to how we drink the milk of a cow, the egg of a chicken, the honey of a bee.

And, similar to how a cow’s milk is it’s best when they’re treated well, and have all of their needs fulfilled, and are their happiest, Loosh is best produced, and actually only produced, when we are at our happiest.

Loosh is by definition our peak experience — so when we find the highest bliss of our hearts — Love — the Loosh is produced. Loosh literally is Love.

GASP, we are being forced against our wills to understand divine bliss AKA Love?! Give me a break!

This is a symbiotic relationship. When we fulfill our purpose, AKA discovering Love, just as bees fulfill their purpose with honey as a byproduct, Loosh is produced. We’re not doing it for the higher beings, we’re just doing it, which enables higher forms of life to find sustenance.

A bee isn’t imprisoned when making honey. They’re not being forced against their will. They’re fulfilling their biological imperatives. Similarly, we are not imprisoned for making Loosh. As a matter of fact, when you find the thing that liberates you most, or find true inner liberation and bliss, you produce the Loosh. So we are NOT “imprisoned in a Loosh farm” by the archons or aliens.

This is about ascension.

It is about the multiplicity of life. The fractal spiral.

The success of one form of life allows for the propagation of another higher form of life. How could humans survive without the food chain? Without the sustenance provided by forms of life we deem lower on that food web? If our energy sources suffer, we suffer. Their success allows for our success and propagation.

Similarly, the higher dimensional forms of life that we would deem higher, find sustenance on the byproducts of our existence. Higher and higher forms of life and energy allow for even higher forms of life and energy.

So, our success as a species allows for a higher form of life to be birthed and maintained.

Now, what is it that we produce that they would be able to find sustenance off of? What nutrients do we offer that becomes the foundation of their entire being?


The goal of our ascension is to elevate to the level of the beings I am discussing. Becoming a purely light being, a being born of love and light, consisting of love and light. Their existence is enabled by our producing of that love and light, similar to how our existence is enabled by the success of other species.

This is about the evolution of forms of life in the universe. Similar to how humans (purportedly) would have evolved from single-to-multi-celled organisms, to insect or fish or amphibian, to reptiles, to apes, finally to man, we then evolve to something entirely different.

Because we are so attached to our human forms, and not the universe as a whole, we naturally fear being used for such a process. We fear the idea that we are not at the top of the food chain.

And yet, the truth is, we are not the top of the food chain. We just cannot recognize;

A) the forms of life that are sustained by us, as we are sustained by other forms of life,


B) that this is a detached, and even benevolent, process, just as lower, less intelligent forms of life enable our existence as higher, more intelligent forms of life. Without the sustenance of plants, animals, and other forms, our existence would not be possible. Similarly, without our existence, the sustenance of the higher forms of light and intelligence wouldn’t be possible. And this is for the greater good — the evolution of the universe — and we will evolve to those higher forms, just not in a way recognizable to us, as the energy transference to those higher levels transcend identity and death, just as the energy and atoms that are YOU were once an apple, an animal, sunlight, etc.

The loosh farm is about the fact that we are just one level of an evolutionary spiral, in which higher levels are not possible without the existence of the lower spirals. It is our natural spot on the food chain, just as we are sustained by less-intelligent forms. It is an entirely impersonal process. And yet the beings above us are so subtle and pure that they can entirely sustain themselves on the Love energy that we produce. Therefore, it is in even their best interest to awaken mankind to the existence of Love and light. It is entirely symbiotic. Your enlightenment and awakening, your experience of divine Love, is the purpose of this process. Your peak experience fulfills this, and allows for Loosh production, just as bees making honey and fulfilling their biological imperatives allow for us to consume that byproduct.

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