So much hurt, so much pain,

No detergent can clean this stain.

Darkness in the world is in reign,

I pray for it to be washed by the rain.

Existence itself is my bane.

I’m stuck in the ward of the mentally insane.

Please, just get me off this train,

As Abel, I’m handcuffed to Cain,

I love, but they’d have me slain.

From where comes their disdain?

God, oh God, break this chain.

For all I care, take me to Spain,

Just anywhere where they have a brain.

It’s an impossible escape, I’m David Blaine.

Have I made it plain?

From this world I wish to refrain.

I want to see it flushed down the drain.

Happiness is something we all feign,

And my will to go on has begun to wane.

God, save me like a plush by a crane!

Sometimes I feel like I wanna cut…

Yes, so badly do I want to cut…

Cut to the part of my life that’s actually peaceful!

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