And I’m sorry.

I’m about to speak without anything to say

And you know what? I’ve decided that’s okay.

Isn’t that what all of mankind does anyway?

Babble babble babble, of nothing all day.

I cannot take it, I’m going to explode.

I can’t even find peace in my own abode.

It does not matter what they’re all showed —

The way that they live is limited to one mode.

They live without a mind,

Their hearts stuck in a bind.

Lives so clearly outlined,

Their souls they’ll never find.

Doomed to a life inconsequential;

Never realizing this body is a rental.

Live that way, you’re considered mental.

They don’t even realize I’m a homosexual…

I know I want to leave,

I know I want to go.

I want to wear my heart on my sleeve,

But in this world, it’s a no.

For so long, I’ve wanted to leave home,

To set my foot on the path and roam,

But I’ve been frozen here like a garden gnome;

I’m starting to develop syndrome Stockholm.

Just accept that they won’t agree.

Give up on those on the family tree.

So go, my wild son, be free —

Your life is yours to dream.

I bite the hand that feeds —

I drink from where it bleeds —

Forgive my heinous deeds —

I’m born a different breed.

I’ve been trying to play the game,

But my spirit is something I can’t seem to tame —

I can’t shake the feeling this world will know my name —

What will be the cause of my fame?

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