I wish I could tuck my hair,

Into a hood,

And disappear with no care,

Into the woods.

I can’t help but stare,

At the scars we all don,

So much pain we all bear,

I cannot go on.

What can I do?

All people are hurt.

Their hearts so blue,

Hidden in their shirts.

All I can say,

Is this is a fact:

All in light of day,

Is one big act.

It’s one big lie,

All that we do.

‘Till we all die,

And our lips turn blue.

I will just try,

To live pure and true,

But I want to say bye,

To everyone, including you.

When will we see,

We are all one?

There is no me,

We’re children of the Sun?

To all, I ask,

Where is the love?

Let go of your mask —

We’re all from Above.

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