I can’t always use my powers for good.

She’s long and she’s slender,

And she has a spirit oh-so-tender.

Of the elements, she is a bender,

Of hearts, she is a mender.

Of pain, she is an ender,

And of love, she is a sender.

Of help, she’s always a lender,

And on my scale, she’s a tenner.

I want her for what’s outer and inner,

Looking at her turns my head to a spinner —

And with her, I want to be a sinner…

Between her legs is my dinner.

Once I win her,

On my bed I would pin her,

Spank her so hard I might skin her…

I want nothing more than to be in her.

Spirit of good, spirit of grace —

That tail is something I’m willing to chase —

Do you think you could keep up with my pace?

Every inch of your body my tongue will trace —

You’ll close your eyes and be in outer space.

I just want you to hop on my face,

And ride me like I’m a horse in a race —

Oh please, won’t you give me a taste?

You’ll scream so loud, the dead will raise —

I’m someone you’ll never cease to amaze,

You’re deserving of endless praise —

Seeing you leaves me in a daze —

And no, this is not just a phase —

Be with me till the end of days —

I want you so bad, I’m in a craze —

You’re my ticket out of life’s maze —

It’s no secret I think you’re fine —

I’ll leave chills running up your spine —

Sip on you slowly like fine wine —

I will not rest until you are mine —

I’ll fuck you like I’m going to war —

And I’ll leave you oh so sore —

We’ll go from night till morn,

And you’ll still be begging for more —

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