And all we are,

Is expressions of the stars.

This life’s a stage,

And every act is an age.

As below, so above,

The highest force is love.

As above, so below;

So much we do not know.

The inside and outside are one,

And this life’s just for fun.

Outside’s the same as the inside,

Life’s just a theme park ride.


Wake up, darling, it’s only a dream!

All of the neighbors can hear you scream!

It’s in your head, what have you to fear?

Awake my darling, the end draws near…


Darling, that skin suit is oh-so-sheer!

Inside your very soul I can peer.

Oh, my darling, oh my baby dear —

There is no shame in shedding a tear!

Oh, my sweet child, you cannot hide…

I can see you when you close your eyes!

Now just take your hands off of your face —

And accept me in my warm embrace —

You cannot hide from me what is true —

Peek-a-boo, my child, I see you!


You might claim love is stupid —

And you’d probably be right!

Then in flies sure-shot Cupid —

Then you melt at your love’s sight!

Then you think, I’ve not lived until now —

Life before this? No idea how…

I have died, and have been born again —

You, my dear, are a God-send.

You alone hold the keys to my heart,

It’s an ignition only you can start.

I weep already for the day we part,

For to the wind of life, we are a fart.

And just enough am I clever,

To know this won’t last forever.

Holding on, useless endeavor —

All connections one day sever.

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