Sweet Androgyne, Good Times Never Seemed So Good

I’ve accomplished an impossible feat;

The poles are united, I am complete;

I am both Mother, the milk of her teat,

And blazing Father, his glorious heat;

I am the All, I am eternal;

I’m nocturnal, and also diurnal;

I am the light, and I am the dark,

I am now one, I am the spark;

Caduceus spins, round and round,

No longer lost, I have been found —

Out of the stone, the sword’s unbound,

Around my spine, two serpents are wound —

And from my mind, two wings have spread,

Coming to life, all that was dead;

And I see gold, where others see lead,

And it’s because, of the newly wed —

The power lies in their beautiful child —

They unite the divine and the wild —

I love you so much, I’m glad you are mine,

You are my all, my sweet androgyne.

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