Merciful Mercenary

Who knew the secret to healing,

Lies in unrestrained feeling?

You’ll be left reeling,

When those layers begin peeling —

That one transcendent function,

Found within alchemical conjunction —

The union that cannot be revoked —

The alchemical flame eternally stoked —

Transcendent truths become uncloaked —

The presence of the One is finally evoked —

And if you wish to be free from the flocks,

And if you seek freedom from the box,

Embrace the power of paradox —

Only then, the cell unlocks —

Those opposites conspire,

And creative transmutative fire,

Allowing the spirit to fly ever higher,

In the blissful union that will never tire —

Embrace that holy Love,

That pure graceful dove,

To make below like Above,

Free without push or shove —

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