Hypnosis of the modern age

All subject to fabricated rage

Minds prisoner to the pocket cage

Married are politics and the theatrical stage

Oh god, free our minds from the delusion

Protect our headspace from the intrusion 

Is it all a result of some hidden collusion?

Bring our head and hearts back into fusion 

The only way for us to heal,

Is if the blindfolds we peel,

We must feel what we feel,

God, just show us what is real.

These phones are a curse,

And I fear it’ll only get worse.

We live in an illusory narration —

Am I witnessing the death of a nation?

I look at nature,

And wonder if I’m witnessing her erasure —

We truly are in danger —

Never has there been a time any stranger.

We all need to come back to the ground —

We are so lost, is it too late to be found?

Our eyes will open, and we will gasp,

When we see we’re in the devil’s grasp —

None of this can be sustained.

To our self destructive ways, we are chained.

Our eyes will open, and we will be pained,

When we see that we’re irreversibly stained.

I fear for the world, I fear for its youth —

Never has a generation been farther from the truth —

Take a look, you don’t have to be wise,

To plainly know we’re all dead in the eyes.

What is truth, what are lies?

Oh my god, can you hear my cries?

Without this blessed life selling pies,

My ship would have been doomed to capsize…

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