A strange idea I had, mere speculation and hypothesis: potential correlations between planetary orbital periods, societal consciousness level, and life expectancy…

What if the approximate evolutionary level along the “planetary order consciousness ladder” of any given species, civilization, or group of people can be seen by its approximate/average life expectancy?

E.g., agrarian societies without “modern medicine” has their average life expectancy around 29 years on average (Saturn’s orbit);

“Modernized” civilization with great advancements in technology, medicine, etc. have average life expectancy around 84 years (Uranus’s orbit, today’s world);

A spiritually awakened and conscious civilization; spiritual energy of the entire planet much more subtle and less dense, with “unity consciousness”; life expectancy jumps up to on average 165 years (Neptune’s orbit);

Unsure how to speculate about Pluto, if we even want to count Pluto. Part of me thinks this may be about fully “mastering the physical,” full Gnosis, full transformation of the deepest levels of our awareness;

Hypothetical “Planet X” holding even deeper secrets for us, an archetype existing on a level we cannot even fathom yet; so “out there” we don’t even have the context to begin to understand what it may signify for humanity; humanity may be unrecognizable if/when this planet is discovered/if it even exists.

Similarly to how ancient man might look at modern man (Uranian society) as gods due to our technological advancements of Uranian themes, us, modern man, might look at a Neptunian society as gods due to perhaps every person having, to some degree, awakened “clairs.” Uranian society communicates with each other in the blink of an eye through physical technology; perhaps Neptunian society communicates with each other in the blink of an eye through spiritual subtlety/fucking telepathy/mass-awakened organs of psychic perception — thus looking like gods to society on our current ladder of evolution and defying what we see as the “laws of physics”;

It’s simply fascinating that the life expectancy from around ancient to pre-industrial times was about 35 years of age — very near to Saturn’s orbit — whereas, with our modern post-industrial revolution and enlightenment, using the intellect to advance mankind — Uranian themes — life expectancy worldwide is now close to 70 years of age, with the nations that have the highest longevity right around Uranus’s orbit at about 85 years of age.

The longest-lived in ancient, agrarian, and/or pre-industrial societies lived to slightly past their first Saturn return; whereas the longest-lived in today’s modern, technologically-advancing, post-industrial societies live slightly past their first Uranus return.

My hypothesis would be that mankind’s next leap of evolution pertains to Neptunian themes of awakening, true unity consciousness, and spiritual advancement instead of technological advancement that grants mankind enough spiritual subtlety to live around the orbital period of Neptune. It sounds crazy, but fuck it.

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