It’s coming.

I took pride in denying what I feel

Lock ’em in a chest with a real tight seal

But I forgot what is and isn’t real

Wanna open it, but afraid can’t deal

But there isn’t another way to heal.

The goddess has come knocking at my door

And I’ve gotten a taste of what’s in store

This much is for sure:

I will not be bored.

I’ll not just be floored;

I’m taking a trip down to the earth’s core.

And then, a bit more:

To reclaim the ore,

To read my true lore,

To repair what tore.

To make the two one, an inclusive or —

My life can no longer be just a chore.

With my fear I’m going to go to war.

And I will spend much time by the sea shore,

The one thing that I truly most adore,

It’s a game of evolution like Spore —

My friends, I implore,

If I go crazy like a wild boar,

And if I let out a big, wild roar,

Please don’t shut the door…

Just know what it’s for:

Truth I can no longer bear to ignore.

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