In the waters of Oneness I wade.

My sense of self begins to fade.

In the grave, my ego is laid —

From lead to gold, I am made.

And for the world, I wouldn’t trade.

Everything feels empty and hollow…

In my suffering, can’t help but wallow…

Into the darkness, you can follow,

But be warned… it may swallow.

Man kind.
Damn blind.

The light, it shines too bright.

How much longer can I hold this kite?

If I hold on, I may take flight,

No one here understands my plight.

I’ve seen too much, I need to ground,

To go crazy, I’m feeling bound.

I’m torn between two worlds.

I’ve seen the scroll of life unfurled.

Into the ocean of all, I’ve been hurled,

Back into the womb I wanna be curled…

Wrestling with my shadow.

Good O and bad O

Joy O and sad O

Peace O and mad O

This energy feels so extreme

All I want to do is kick and scream

I’m tearing here at the seam

Carry me away in a light beam

Oh wait… you already have.

Launched from my earthly half,

This rip needs a divine salve.

Its more of an Achilles calve…

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