Innately unstable,
He sees life as fable.
Sanity’s off the table.
Mind needs jumper cables.

Hate this world and everyone in it.

It’s a rigged game. Just can’t win it.

Somethings wrong, but can’t pin it.

Convert sorrows into writing
Take the pain out of hiding
For my truth I am fighting
In the paper I’m confiding

Being the death of the one they knew
I’ll live my life in authentic truth
Sever these chains in two
I’m ready to be born anew
Butterfly I’ll transform into

My heart aches, my heart burns,
Pain I can’t take, my belly turns.
What’s at stake? For truth I yearn.
I’ll concentrate, and try to learn.

Let me die and stop living this lie
Can’t do it no matter how hard I try
It’s an act that they everyday buy
Everyone… everyone but I.

I have the gift of aviation,
Mental liberation,
Higher concentration,
The mental radio station.

To mental frequencies,
That eyes can’t see.

Why was I born so unique so strange?
Just being myself they think I’m deranged.
I’m sorry everyone, I just can’t change,
I was born to break free from the cage.

I’ve got a brain,
You can’t contain.
Nor can chain,
Dog you can’t train.

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