Tenets of Spiritual Living

  1. Prayer that does not come from the heart is not prayer at all.
  2. The degree to which you will receive a response to your prayer, is the degree of feeling you put into the prayer.
  3. Within every human is a geode. We must chip away at what veils the center in order to discover the gem in the middle.
  4. Within every human is a center. Every time it is accessed, immediate response to our prayers are revealed — or, synchronicity happens.
  5. The essence of that center is the essence of truth itself. The layers that cover the center are the layers of falsehood. Suffering itself can be defined as losing touch with that center.
  6. Situations in life that push us to our breaking point are God’s greatest blessing. It is the pick that breaks open our inner geode.
  7. That center has the final say in all things. It is always guiding the path. To align yourself fully with that center is to shed all delusion and align yourself with the will of the divine.
  8. Misfortune can be defined as when that force sternly wishes for us to return to it. These are the times in life when we try to do something that, deep within, we know does not work. We push, push, push, but the rubber band snaps — with that center winning and launching us in its direction.
  9. This is the archetypal Tower moment when the walls of deceit and lies come crashing down, and we return into accordance with that center. What feels incredibly uncomfortable, and even like a punishment, is actually that force giving us mercy. Often times it is not until long after that rubber band has snapped that we can see why and have gratitude for that moment. What if, in recognizing this fact, we can always be grateful for what is in front of us, trusting the benevolence of that force that has the final say in all things?
  10. The inability to do that is intrinsically part of the human conditioning. The suffering of the human condition is about the discord and disharmony between all of these different parts of ourselves. Much like a foolish child rebelling against the parent, we dig our heels into the ground fighting tooth and nail wherever this force wills us to be. Only until far too long into the process do we finally get to see how shit out of luck, hopelessly fucked, we would be without that force. Then we also see that suffering itself is about our refusal to listen to that force, and honor that center. The farther one gets from the center, the more they suffer.
  11. The promise of being liberated from our suffering is about the promise of reuniting with that center.
  12. Life’s only true authority is this center. All other forms of authority are false and lead to delusion, ignorance, and suffering. To let our allegiance to all false authorities die, and embrace this one, is the magnum opus.

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