Be an intruder into my cooter

Hold my hips, tell me you love me,

Let’s lock lips, fill me and glove me.

Break my grip? You’ll have to shove me,

Can’t we strip? It’d be so lovely.

Take a dip, don’t only touch me,

I might slip, ask you to fuck me.

Plant your roots, let’s be like a tree,

While I’m nude, you’re all of my leaves.

Cover me, caress me, get blown in the wind,

Lover please, undress me, or you will have sinned.

Do not tease, just bless me, I want to be pinned,

Lover jeez, you test me, and how can I win?

Touch me, seduct me, I need intoxication,

Clutch me, abduct me, you damn abomination.

Your sickness give me health,

your kisses are my wealth.

Don’t you want no one else?

You have not any stealth.

Be my all, be my none,

Break this wall, you’re the one.

I’d kill for one more taste,

My pill is your embrace.

Fill me with holy grace,

Spill blood to see your face.

On hell I’m fucking bent,

Unwell without your scent.

You transform me from Kent,

Now for glory I’m meant.

Darling I’m on my knees,

Without your warmth I freeze.

You are life,

I’m your wife.

Ease my strife,

Without you, nothing’s right.

Through the night,

You’re my light.

But why’d you have to leave?

I’m still in disbelief.

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