those nights spent caressing your skin

I no longer need to wonder what could have been

Right here, right now, I could forever be lost in.

how can I be so intoxicated,

yet see with infinite clarity?

I am so glad that I waited —

you’re unique, special, a rarity.

those days spent admiring from afar,

I now get to express my wonder belly to belly.

oh shining star, how I wonder what you are…

your gaze makes me dissolve like jelly.

heart so pure,

of this I’m sure:

I need not be a mystic,

to look into our future.

no, I don’t need a crystal ball,

to know you could forever be my all.

when was the last time,

I felt time fly?

it should be a crime,

how fast it goes by.

lost in a trance,

feeling the ebb and flow

Of your chest dance,

and come and go.

my body pressed

all the way against yours

is simply not enough

I pretend to gaze

at the TV before us

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