O + K = OK

Oh Kae, oh Kae, oh Kae,

Only with you do I feel okay.

Though I certainly may,

Simply be getting carried away,

I simply have to say,

You could be the one for whom I prayed.

I don’t know if you’ll stay,

And I don’t know if you feel the same —

(Which would be such a shame) —

But above all I’m just glad you came.

My heart I cannot tame,

Because far too fiery is the flame.

And though I may sound lame,

For you it burns through each night & day.

Oh Kae, oh Kae, oh Kae,

What you wish I promise to obey,

But please don’t go away,

I cannot bear more love gone astray —

Please don’t slip,

from my grip.

I’ve fallen,

Yes, I’ve tripped.

Your presence a present,

Your eyes, luminescent —

Your presence so pleasant,

You’re queen, I am peasant.

Yes I sound,

like a clown —

But my love,

knows no bounds.

And when you are around,

My heart begins to pound.

‘Round your finger I’m wound,

And my queen you’ve been crowned.

But getting rejected?

I’ve come to expect it.

Too often neglected,

I love unprotected.

My heart, they have wrecked it,

Leaving me dejected.

By self disrespected,

Self worth, I forget it —

But my heart, I’ll let it,

Fall again, you bet it.

Only by combining O and K,

Can my heart feel OK.

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