Day after day,

I’d pray and pray.

At last she came:

Her name is Kae.

With every kiss, I’ll wage war,

With each way, you’re insecure.

You need to know, I adore,

Every cell, down to your core.

And with each day, I find more,

To make my love, gush and pour.

You make my jaw, hit the floor,

You make my heart, sing and soar.

And both my knees, you make weak,

And just your sight, makes tears streak.

You’re everything, that I seek,

And before you, life seemed bleak.

And all those days, by the creek,

Simply must be, life’s true peak.

With every inch, I’m obsessed,

Can’t help but feel, richly blessed.

How you stand out, from the rest!

I know we will, stand time’s test.

You’re my favorite topic of study…

You’re both my lover, and best buddy.

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