By going wireless, we’ve become cordless.

In separating oneself from nature, mankind snips the umbilical cord between the fetus that is the inner Spirit, and the Mother that feeds us, while still in the womb.

Thus, the spirit is deprived of the nutrients it needs to develop well and healthily.

The greatest tragedy mankind faces is in staring at artificial lights dancing on a TV screen at night, instead of laying to gaze upon the infinite lights of our night skies, of the waxing and waning Moon, to gather the truth, wisdom, and stories told therein.

We, the fetuses, have snipped the umbilical cord while still being in the womb.

We must reconnect and regenerate this umbilical cord by submerging ourselves in nature and her elements if we are to save the unborn child that is our own spirits before the gestation period is over.

We’ve severed the umbilical cord and gone wireless, cordless.

These visions of AI taking over mankind have been symbolic warnings of what is right here and right now.

If you think that we haven’t already been enslaved by intelligence artificial, then you are being fooled.

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