The holy liberation of excommunication

The feeling I get when I wear makeup…

It feels like I’m finally beginning to wake up.

From a fog, a terrible terrible dream,

Trying to hold it together, but tearing at the seam.

The goddess lives within, I hear her scream.

And she tells me, you are not who you seem!

But what am I to do? They’ll put me in the stocks!

“You cannot do this forever. Hear you the clock?”

You know you hear it ticking!

Who do you think you’re tricking?

Yes, my dear, you’re a time bomb.

Be free. You can’t please your mom!

Allow the chaos to consume you!

Only then will you be the true you.

You know you want to destroy it all.

Listen to the truth. Hear you my call?

I do not know what I am, but I know I’ve not been it.

I deeply abhor living in these limits.

Their game was always rigged. I could never win it.

Why, oh why do I care for the opinion of bigots?

Remember remember the fifth of November.

Annihilate the bounds and confines of gender.

I’m starting to think my life would be better,

If I let myself wear my scarlet letter.

Do I live a life of constant deception?

Embracing its hollow protection?

Living as their mental projection?

Or do I embrace my destined rejection?

Cast me away from the garden

I will not lay beneath

I do not need your pardon

And wow, what a relief

I’m glad we are departin’

Go and find your Eve

My life I am restartin’

My heart on my sleeve

Liberation is a bargain at any price

Even if it means losing everyone in my life

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