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Castaway from a faraway plane I seek to return, but all in vain To this reality I am chained Memory of home is so faint But it’s there and I am pained

Innately unstable,He sees life as fable.Sanity’s off the table.Mind needs jumper cables. Hate this world and everyone in it. It’s a rigged game. Just can’t win it. Somethings wrong, but can’t pin it. Convert sorrows into writingTake the pain out of hidingFor my truth I am fightingIn the paper I’m confiding Being the death of […]

Always felt like something is missing. For something out of reach been wishing. Who am I? Who am I really? Find it so hard to navigate these feelings — Always felt like something is off, A constant sense of suffering. Always lost in a fog, Life feels like it’s buffering. I can’t take it anymore, […]

Look me in the eye

Oh darling, it’s not fantasy — Beyond this land I see — And from the land I’m free — So come join hands with me — Choose to understand or flee — Oh, how I wish to transcend! With muggles, can no longer blend — No matter how many owls they send, Their attitude just […]

In the waters of Oneness I wade. My sense of self begins to fade. In the grave, my ego is laid — From lead to gold, I am made. And for the world, I wouldn’t trade. Everything feels empty and hollow… In my suffering, can’t help but wallow… Into the darkness, you can follow, But […]

I Swoon for the Moon

I love the moon, I love the sun. Love the triune, Two becoming one. … This morning, I heard from a pretty fairy, Who gave unto me, a moment of clarity. And she said, though it may sound scary, That this life, is only temporary. So go out there, be daring. Go show some skin. […]

Sleeping Beauty Stirs

It’s happened my egg has cracked And my face the truth has smacked Turns out it was all an act I’m a woman that’s a fact  With anxiety I’m racked By fam’ly I won’t be backed But my soul is number one. Even if I’m not their son, From truth I’ll no longer run. It […]

It’s coming.

I took pride in denying what I feel Lock ’em in a chest with a real tight seal But I forgot what is and isn’t real Wanna open it, but afraid can’t deal But there isn’t another way to heal. The goddess has come knocking at my door And I’ve gotten a taste of what’s […]

And if you love me as I am, You might break down this dam, That tells me I’m never enough, And that I have to be tough, That keeps the feelings stuffed, A deadweight to which I’m cuffed — I fear you may awaken the beast — He’s the lock & you’re the key — […]


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