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Castaway from a faraway plane I seek to return, but all in vain To this reality I am chained Memory of home is so faint But it’s there and I am pained

Innately unstable,He sees life as fable.Sanity’s off the table.Mind needs jumper cables. Hate this world and everyone in it. It’s a rigged game. Just can’t win it. Somethings wrong, but can’t pin it. Convert sorrows into writingTake the pain out of hidingFor my truth I am fightingIn the paper I’m confiding Being the death of […]

Always felt like something is missing. For something out of reach been wishing. Who am I? Who am I really? Find it so hard to navigate these feelings — Always felt like something is off, A constant sense of suffering. Always lost in a fog, Life feels like it’s buffering. I can’t take it anymore, […]

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