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I’d lick the knife, too

Oh beautiful and serene Kae,Celestial beauty in one spark.I don’t know if I can repay,What you’ve granted my aching heart. Taste the blood of those who wronged you,On the ground by me they’d be pinned.Of the event I’d be fond too,Punishing them for how they’ve sinned. Desecrating her sanctity,A crime punishable by death.It’s something I…

Don’t shoot your roots

And to my fam’ly,I’m not just unique —To their “sanity,”I’m a complete freak. However somehow,Their normality,Roots me to the ground —To reality. Their disposition,Is not of malice —Though there is friction,They provide balance. And although sometimes,It’s something I hate,I’ve come to realize,I need counterweight.


To be quite frankI can’t believe how I feelYou’ve struck my flankNow down before you I kneel A mind so greatA heart marvelously grandI’ll face my fateMade courageous by your hand Oh so lonelyThese ruthless feelings hauntedBut you onlyAre all I’ve ever wanted And my pursuitOf the alchemical stoneTerribly mootIt is you and you alone…

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