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Is not the desire to die, the desire to live fulfilled? And is not the desire to live, the desire to die fulfilled?

Be an intruder into my cooter

Hold my hips, tell me you love me, Let’s lock lips, fill me and glove me. Break my grip? You’ll have to shove me, Can’t we strip? It’d be so lovely. Take a dip, don’t only touch me, I might slip, ask you to fuck me. Plant your roots, let’s be like a tree, While…


Criticize her labor, yet relish in its fruits, We morally shame her, yet it’s us who are brutes. The storm came, and the storm went, Didn’t break, but may have bent. Without a start, there can’t be an end, Thought I was smart, but you’re not my friend. A broken heart, I have yet again,…

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