Mental Fascism

Are we sure that the Nazis didn’t win?

I simply cannot tell when I stop and look within.

It looks to me that I am still in the chains of the toxic masculine.

I thought I already proved to myself, that love will always win —

Then why do I still have the fear, that being gay is a sin?

How do I still fear disappointing my kin?

I want to take this fear toss it in the bin,

I can’t stand another moment with it, I am crawling out of my skin. 

What if I love a him? What if I’m not a him?

What if I don’t have a reason to go the gym?

The truth is, I’m not so manly, and this I know.

I’m sorry, family, but it’s time for me to go.

They’ll think I’m crazy, but the Lord himself will know,

that at the end of the day, it was only my heart that I chose.

So I am done — I’m done holding this pose.

It’s making me sick, trying to control where this river flows.

Inner demons, I am done letting it slide!

Now, you’ve got nowhere else to hide.

It’s time to exorcise the demons, hiding deep inside:

Bigotry, it’s time for us to become untied.

And fear, I can see where you’ve lied.

It is now time to bring to life, all that has died,

and it is time for the murderers, to be tried!

All of the times I should have cried,

and all of the times I held back the tide,

are coming back, in full force,

and I can promise you, this is not a Trojan Horse.

What’s inside, will run it’s course,

and my voice will run free, until it becomes hoarse.

It’s going to rain. No — its going to pour.

There’s no holding shut this motherfucking door!

If you want an idea of what’s in store,

just know, I’ve been holding this in since I was motherfucking four.

Yes, it’s finally time — my expression will be free,

and there will be no more bending, to the spirit of the Nazis!

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