Squinting my eyes as the light of the world blinds me, I step forward. The sand crunches as I introduce my feet. The heat of the Sun is negated by the brisk ocean breeze, and yet the cold of the wind is negated by the soothing warmth of the sand. The spirit of the wind lovingly grabs and caresses my wrists with its cool tendrils and gently guides me to Mother Ocean. In sharp contrast with the soft wind, a great crash startles me, and the saline solution of the ocean races towards me in a speedy motion. I inhale sharply as the water assaults me. The smell of salt simultaneously reels me into my ancient past, grounds me into the divinity of the present, and launches me decades into my future. I was born here — I am here — I will die here. Head and heart first, I dive in bravely in an act of love and devotion for the endless ocean that heals me like a potion. 1 – 2 – 3 – CLEAR! — her cold shocks and defibrillates my heart back to life. I find peace knowing that I am only a piece of the endless Vitamin Sea that extends as far as the eye can see.

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