Criticize her labor, yet relish in its fruits,

We morally shame her, yet it’s us who are brutes.

The storm came, and the storm went,

Didn’t break, but may have bent.

Without a start, there can’t be an end,

Thought I was smart, but you’re not my friend.

A broken heart, I have yet again,

We’re torn apart, because I like men?

The depth of your fear, is unknown to you,

Whispers in your ear, tell you what to do.

Our end’s past near, we’re severed in two,

And let us be clear, though I may feel blue,

That I am sincere, and being too true.

Though I may shed tears, it is time I flew,

Though I hold you dear, I can’t continue.

This upcoming year, I embrace the new,

While I turn my rear, to you (and you) too…

And all that you hear, is far overdue.

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